At Jacqueline Anne Photography, we love what we do and we’re so very grateful to be able to document beautiful weddings and events across all of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Atlantic Canada and beyond; I realize how fortunate I am to be healthy and in a position to chase my dreams fearlessly. I also recognize that not everyone is in the same position and I believe it is important to give back to those in the community that require our support.

Each year, giving back is at the top of our priority list and as a tradition, we contribute to local associations who provide outstanding assistance to the community. Last year, we donated to Out of The Cold, a community-based, volunteer-run organization that works to provide shelter and support to those who are homeless and precariously housed. As avid animal lovers, we were compelled further to donate upon learning that Out of the Cold is the only shelter in Nova Scotia to accept those who are homeless pet owners; with harsh and unpredictable winter weather, this organization does all it can to open their doors to owners and their animals alike when they need it most.


charities we've given back to this year

Out of The Cold
Humane Society International
Perth Gun Dog Rescue
Bide a While
Fly with Me Animal Rescue
Hope for Wildlife