Throughout my university years spent between both Edinburgh and Rome, I worked alongside some of the leading industry creatives within both the hospitality and fashion sector. The insight into branding, editorial planning and business that I received gave me the push to seek out more creative endeavours. After gaining a Masters qualification in Italian, I returned to Edinburgh and spend several years assisting some of the Edinburgh's top wedding photographers whilst I was a Systems Trainer and Account Manager with an e-learning company; I spent four years developing and honing my craft, yet it wasn’t until 2015 that I picked up a professional camera again and began shooting professionally.

In 2016, I made the leap. I quit my day-job and launched what is now known as Jacqueline Anne Photography, and embarked on my own career as a wedding and editorial photographer.

Since then, I have had the immense pleasure and honour of photographing celebrations across the globe; from Paris to Oman, Vancouver and Scotland and have been featured in multiple international wedding publications. All this has allowed me to received valuable tutelage from some of the world's top wedding photographers.