And why film, I hear you ask?

January 12, 2019


Jacqueline Anne is a Halifax Wedding Photographer, specialized in capturing life's celebrations. She is based in Nova Scotia and works with wedding planners across Canada and beyond.


I could go on for hours about why I love shooting with old-school film so much. I could dive into the depths of technical verbiage such as tonal range, depth of field and bokeh but what would that mean to you, Dear Reader?

Chances are, if you’re scrolling through my pages, you’ll be more interested in knowing a little more about my process and who I am, than getting a lesson on photography.

At heart, I am a Fine Art Film Photographer. 



and why film, I hear you ask?

In my opinion, it is the best medium for me, and you deserve the best. Film allows me to slow down, and shoot with intention. It means I can truly be there on the day with you.

It is enchanting, ethereal and organic… and I am utterly, uncontrollably in love with it.

I got to a point fairly early on in my photography journey when I realized that the imagery I was most drawn to came from the minds of certain photographers. I loved and admired artists out there such as Jose Villa, Erich McVey and Elizabeth Messina. The way they created beautiful stories and captured the essence of the their subjects so effortlessly. But the one thing they all had in common; they all shot film. I knew from that moment that I was a film photographer. 

I learnt to shoot with film back when I was living and studying in Italy, before I even had an interest in wedding photography as a career. Needless to say, I was hooked. The little Canon camera that you read about here went with me everywhere.

I do also shoot digitally, that’s not to say there isn’t a place for it and it has it’s benefits of course, but the days that I spent hours trying to make my digital shots look like film made me realize that I don’t want to just sit infront of a computer screen and manipulate something that is never going to be film… I needed to get out there and actually shoot with film.



In my mind, film gave me the opportunity to be a better photographer. I didn’t rely on all those buttons and camera backs any longer… I simply composed, metered and shot. Never before had I been so aware of the technicalities surrounding photography. Film makes me think through each and every shot. 

I love the way that I can be there with you, we can chat about you and your life whilst I’m changing a roll, and the experience it creates when I’m shooting film. I know this is wildly selfish but I want to truly love the work I do. I left a job where I spent hours at a desk editing and re-editing, and I did it so that I could go off and create.

I’ve said it before, but I truly believe that film is the best medium for telling your story. It provides you with the best, most glowing, skin tones. It captures colour like nothing else. Whites are truly white, and blacks black.

It is soft, romantic and above all, timeless.

And that, is why I shoot film.