You’re searching for photography with meaning, images that
capture you at your best.
I am too.


I'd just moved to Rome to start my studies in History of Art and he presented me with this beaten up brown leather bag. Although I didn't know it at the time, he was giving me the greatest gift ever. I spent hours just admiring it. Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months and before I knew it, the camera was an extension of my life in the Italian capital. My student budget didn't allow for much, but I made sure I could still process my film. I still have that little Canon camera today.

The man who gave me this gift was my now-husband Jon; my rock, my support and even my second shooter and, in the fall of 2017, we made the leap to begin our new adventure in Nova Scotia which now sees me regularly flying between both the UK and Canada.

I'd like to think that my background in fashion and graphic design has led me down this path. And although creative in nature, these industries didn't complete me. I was always in chase of the big dream.

I’m here to capture all of those candid, sweet and fleeting moments with understated elegance. These short-lived, passing moments that are often taken for granted, and these celebrations that make up your life. I seek to capture that which endures, to balance the curated with the raw, the composed with the real. 

My photographs are authentic, romantic and considered. Yes, I’m devoted to my work, but I value your experience above all. 


Captured by the amazing ladies at Arrow + Knot Productions



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the team behind j/a photography



Always creating, eternal student, and brimming with wanderlust. Tenacious workaholic.


Loves sticks, chasing his tennis ball and nap time. Small dog, big attitude. 


Eternal optimist, budding chef and can share a good Gin & Tonic with anyone.





the creative process

consult · collaborate · create · curate

My clients really are at the heart of what I do. And yes, whilst I'm passionately devoted to my art, your experience is what matters most. My approach is very hands-on; I positively encourage you to share as much as you can with me in the lead up to your session; your hopes, dreams, memories, desires, hobbies, pet peeves, you name it!

I will work with you to ensure that I capture you at your best, and with your planner or co-ordinator, often making recommendations to achieve the best photographic results. 

Arriving at least a day in advance of your session, I scout all possible locations to familiarise myself with lighting, locale and your itinerary.

Jon often joins me for sessions where an assistant is required, and using the same level of care, he supports in capturing all of those extra details, providing an exceptional level of photographic coverage.

During the day, I adopt a very hands-on approach and will give light direction to ease you into your session. I adore capturing the essence of what your day represents, telling your love story and will apply complete creative enthusiasm to all endeavours to provide you with some truly beautiful keepsakes for years to come.

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