Learn Film Photography with Jacqueline Anne


My two passions lead me down this path; beautiful, artfully and authentically created photography and concise, comprehensive training.

I spent four years working as a systems trainer in Edinburgh, Scotland before embarking on this incredible photographic journey and recently discovered that within our industry, my passions can happily coexist. By offering private coaching for professional photographers looking to expand into the Film market, I have studied under some of the world’s leading photographers, from Erich McVey to Jen Huang, Nicole LaPierre to Belle Lumiere.

When I first started putting material together for this training series, I found myself returning to the same question,”What do I wish I'd known earlier?”.
Thankfully, I’ve made the mistakes you won’t have to.

I  cover the following aspects of Film Photography to support your journey with me:

    Understanding Film Photography
    How to Metre & Rating Your Film
    Film Stocks & ISO Reference Guide
    How to Load Film & Understanding Your Camera
    Working with your Film Lab
    Understanding the Jargon!
    Direction and Posing
    Understanding the Science of Semiotics
    Working with Light - Sunrise to sunset
    Buying and Storing Film
    Shooting for Publication