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4 Tips for Preparing your own Branding Session

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There are so many things that come to mind when you realize you need to start building content for social media and your website. The best place to start is by looking at your visual portfolio; do these images really represent you in the best light?

Who is your ideal client and do they even know you exist? In a world where people buy from people, not businesses, it’s vital that you are present on your platforms so that each visiting person can learn about who you are and what you offer. One of the first things is to get in front of the camera!

people buy from people, not businesses necessarily

Enlist and pay for the support of a photographer that you connect with. You should love their work and be confident that they can communicate your business needs.


When working with Amy at Cake Babes, we started small and then built up our shot list from there.

We knew that she wanted to showcase some of her largest and most beautiful pieces, but also; speak to those clients who buy her smaller items too.


Cakes in full

Cakes cut





Menu cards


Sugar Flowers


Amy Decorating

Amy Icing Cakes

Amy Cutting Cakes

Amy Details inc. hands and closeups 

1. Formal attire (business/work) with cakes around in the background

2. Homely attire with apron, working and creating

3. Amy working on illustrations

4. Amy sipping coffee

5. Amy eating cake!

At least 12 images (one per month of the calendar year!) which will give Amy something specific to post at Easter, during Summer, Christmas/New Year and so on.
When planning social media, I wanted to give Amy enough content for an entire year and ongoing. So we broke each item up into “seasonal” elements.

We covered all the major holidays; from Christmas and New Year to Easter and back again.

Finally, we wanted to showcase her at her best, doing what she loves to do: bake!

JACQUELINE ANNE PHOTOGRAPHY, Halifax Wedding Photographer

So I asked Amy to decorate items, ice cakes, cut them, work on her illustrations and more. These are all things she does in her day to day.

Keeping the content consistent and relevant, we worked to ensure that her business could reach everyone for every occasion; including Bride and Grooms, Birthday Occasions, Special Events and more.


We knew we wanted to create some breathtaking product shots and therefore, I brought along several different styling boards that we used to create the illusion of a clean backdrop.

I gave several styling boards some consideration before bringing them to the session…

My favourites are from Heirloom Bindery.

Halifax Wedding Photographer, Cake Babes, Amy at Cake Babes, Branding Shoot
Halifax Wedding Photographer, Cake Babes, Amy at Cake Babes, Branding Shoot


Timing out your day can be tricky; you have a million different concepts to capture and hone in on. So budget accordingly, include breaks, allow time to set and reset each layout. This is a big investment for your client - not only in capital but also in time… and so, make sure you leave feeling everything was captured and captured beautifully.

I spent nearly six hours with Amy as we wanted the freedom to explore different options as well. We had a large list of items to get through, and you’ll know if you’re a baker, icing and decorating can take a while!

It’s best not to feel rushed at the end of the day, look at every setup twice, is there something off, what’s going on with the lighting, have we included everything we need to here?


For Amy’s session, we wanted to convey two sides to her; one being the impeccable business woman she is - a consummate professional; and the other was a more homely aesthetic.

I’d already created a Pinterest board specifically for this approach. We both loved the idea of having an apron for Amy to wear over her more homely attire, and chose fabrics that were soft and comfortable. I had Amy in bare feet for 99% of the shoot given that’s how she normally works!

In general, my advice is to go with what makes you feel incredible. Light colours are natural reflectors and worked beautifully with the neutral colour scheme in Amy’s studio space.

Feel free to browse my own Pinterest board for inspiration on this topic!

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Halifax Wedding Photographer, Jacqueline Anne Photography, Cake Babes Branding Session

Vendor List
Cakes: Cake Babes
Styling Boards: Heirloom Bindery
Photography: Jacqueline Anne Photography
Apron: Twig and Daisy
Makeup: Chantelle Brown Makeup
Florals: Twig and Twine



Jacqueline Anne is an International Fine Art Photographer based between Halifax, Nova Scotia & the UK. She specializes in destination weddings, elopements and portraits. Inspired by love of all kinds, her images are elegant, artful & authentic.