Let’s play a game… Never have I ever… gotten a Journal post up so quickly!

Yeh, truth. As soon as these film scans hit my inbox, I immediately uploaded them to my site, because, well - you can see why. This was one of those sessions, where two days beforehand nothing felt organised, the team is half unconfirmed, but you know that the light is going to be out of this world dreamy so you pull it together and it just WORKS. This was my first time shooting alongside Jill Roberts - and it was her concept, I’m not going to lie. When she showed me everything she wanted to achieve, I was totally on board.

The most beautiful thing about collaborations is that each individual gets to truly go wild. They express themselves creatively and unapologetically. This was one of those moments when the stars aligned and it was a dream from start to finish.

The theme - as you can see - totally panned out. It was dreamy and light filled, romantic and of course, autumnal. Our setting was the Mount Uniacke Heritage Museum and it didn’t disappoint.


Film Lab: Richard Photo Lab
Florals: Carrie Burgess
Calligraphy: Scribble and Script
Calligraphy: Love Struck Lettering
Makeup and Hair: Danielle Grasley
Dress: BHLDN
Cake: Cake Babes