Courtney + Travis

May 9, 2019

a spring engagement session

I often get asked “What’s the best way to get into film photography?”. My answer – “Stop using digital.” It might seem obvious but there’s really nothing like actually shooting analogue film to get you into the swing of things, you have to just do it. Remove all other distractions and throw yourself into the beautiful process of not being able to see your images when you capture them.

This is one of the many reasons my clients and I adore film. It means I can be with you, truly and completely, without any distractions. I simply meter, compose and shoot.

Are you looking for a mentor in shooting film? I’m here to help! Jill Roberts Photography asked me to join her on a session to help her get acquainted with film photography recently and these beautiful scans are the result of a perfect walk through Point Pleasant Park, Halifax one Spring afternoon.