Behind the Scenes

May 22, 2017

Being a photographer, I’m always seeking out new opportunities to be as creative as possible. Sometimes, that simply comes from gathering a few pieces around the home and creating a vignette of beautiful images.

The inspiration behind this shoot was the word antique. Fine Art Wedding Photography is a true art form, and without going too much into it, the delicate balance of softness and light are central to my collections. I often think before I click the shutter release, would I paint this image? Do the colours represent me and my brand, and what story am I trying to convey?

I always position my subjects in front of a large window, where the light is soft and natural, so it was easy for me to choose where to set up this little stage. A simple silver candlestick was selected, a silver presentation plate and one of my favourite foods – cheese! 

Bon App├ętit!